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“Eric is my go-to expert when helping a client with defeasance. He can clearly and concisely break down the entire process and make clear the costs and timing for each step of the process. Above that, he has a deep understanding of the financial markets and the effect it has on the defeasance process. – Nick Silbergeld

“Eric managed a defeasance for a client of ours and his performance was top notch. The deal was complicated by a difficult client that has never been easy to manage – Eric was very successful at adding value not to just the defeasance but to to the deal as a whole through his ability to keep our client comfortable in a stressful situation.” – Jason Wine

“Eric has successfully handled numerous defeasance transactions with our client’s best interest in mind. He adds value to the deal by providing effective strategies and competitive pricing. Eric manages a great team, is responsive, and gets the job done.”
– Shahab Raphaely


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